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From 20 years of experience on the Casino floor, we design exciting, innovative new Casino games for the fast changing Land-based and Online Casino world without losing the classic feeling.


We understand the needs of the new generation gamers, by introducing different betting options in one game and one fast interesting game both possible with a Progressive Jackpot. Our games are easy to learn and play for experienced and new customers.



JokerSeven® and JokerSeven®Card Chaser are our first new Casino table games that meet the needs of both operators and customers. The layout and payouts can be adapted to the specific wishes in consultation with the Land based/Online operator. This to create the best experience for their customers and local gaming floor.


JokerSeven® and JokerSeven®Card Chaser are played with 52 cards + Joker and a dice. You don’t bet on a number, you bet on the right card(s). Both games can be played on a table similar to a Roulette table. Only small changes are needed.




World’s latest New Casino Table games

JokerSeven® is a unique mix of Classic Casino games merged to one New Interactive Casino table game


JokerSeven® brings together the excitement and betting options of Roulette, the tension of Red/Black with the choice to play here the Double or Nothing game, the worldwide known Poker hands and the 7 hands of Slots


JokerSeven® gives guests the feeling of having the outcome in their hands. The guest decides the first winning card by rolling the dice! This give a pleasant interaction with other guests and the dealer


JokerSeven® challenges you to play and keep playing


JokerSeven® is truly an innovative, great asset for the Casino world!


Experience JokerSeven® and Enjoy the excitement!



JokerSeven®Card Chaser is a very quick Classic mix of Roulette, Cards and the Double or Nothing game of Slots.


JokerSeven®Card Chaser is the quickest, simplest and most exciting game version derived from our innovative JokerSeven®table game.


JokerSeven®Card Chaser is a very fast kind of Roulette.

The layout, betting options and payouts are easy recognizable by guests.


JokerSeven®Card Chaser: you win with 6 same color cards the Progressive Jackpot!


JokerSeven®Card Chaser is truly an innovative, great asset for the Casino world!


Experience JokerSeven® Card Chaser and Enjoy the speed and thrills of this new game!



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After my Secretary training, I worked a few years for an import/export company.

I liked it and learned a lot, till the moment I had the age to work at Holland Casino, because that was my dream job.






With more than 20 years of experience in the Casino world, first as a dealer, now as Manager Table games at Holland Casino.

I know that innovation is the key for successful business.





              In 2010 I received my grade as Bachelor of

Business Administration (BBA) in leisure management.

My thesis was a feasibility study for my new Land based Casino Table game, named JokerSeven®.

JokerSeven® was during the trial at Holland Casino highly rewarded by guests, as well by Casino staff. For taking the idea to the gaming market, the Dutch Association of Inventors (member of the ITIA) acknowledged me as an official member.


Together with my partner we then grounded our company that specializes in Game development. The high potential of JokerSeven® and JokerSeven®Card Chaser made us decide to take them also to the fascinated world of Online Gaming.




I learned all the games; French and American Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Sic Bo, and  Poker.

As I expected, I loved my job for 10 years, after I decided to take care of our 2 sons, and my Casino dream finished there.


Three years ago when Jeroen decided to make for his study a thesis of his designed Casino table game JokerSeven® (designed about 15 years before) my Casino and Secretary experiences were very welcome and helpful.


Since that time Jeroen and I joined our forces and we fully developed, managed JokerSeven® and JokerSeven®Card Chaser to the New exciting Casino table game concepts we know today.





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